Reclaimed Farmhouse Table Ideas

Oct 9th
Smart Reclaimed Farmhouse Table
Smart Reclaimed Farmhouse Table

Reclaimed farmhouse table is traditionally extra large so the whole family and the farmhands can eat together. Anyone can knead bread and roll out the pastry at one end while another was sharing. And accommodation poultry or game at the other end. Meals will require substantial portions during sowing and harvesting. As the constant, all-out effort to stay ahead of the weather to use huge amounts of energy. The farm table served as a quilting table, school desk and the family altar.

Cut 1 inch wide of 3 inch long by 2 inch depth pins at each end of 44 inch long and 56 inch long and two fours. These will make the sides of the table frame when they enter the mortises you will be cut in each leg posts. The reclaimed farmhouse table will be a 4 foot by 8 foot rectangle when fully assembled. Cut the matching mortises in two adjacent sides of each leg posts. Do not drop the 40 inch long two and four. It is the center brace for the table planks.

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Apply carpenter’s glue on the inside of each track, and all sides of every drop. Slide each drop in the matching groove and let the glue dry 24 to 48 hours. You will now have a frame with legs and no top. The adhesive provides a temporary until you screw posts permanently to frame the next step. Turn the reclaimed farmhouse table so that one of the short sides is facing you. Drill two 1/8 inch diameter pilot holes, 2 inches apart vertically through each leg mail and in every drop, from the short side of the table, so that the screws will point down the long sides of the table when you insert them.

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