Making yours Home Improvement with Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel

Oct 5th
Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel Collections

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel – When selecting wood for craft projects, there are many questions that should be answered.

What type of project are you currently planning?

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Does it got to bear weight, as a section of furniture?

Will the finished product be kept inside or outside?

Does it be painted or left natural?

It goes without saying you have to understand finished result you would like before you make a decision how you can start getting there. There are a lot of instances where budget wood, irregular cut lumber, or reclaimed wood will work perfectly – and may possibly cost you nothing !

In case you make a decision that the very best wood for craft projects like yours is really a new section of lumber, the very first thing you must do is check the boards for defects.

Pick a board that‘s free from the following :

Knots – Some knots can increase the overall look of the finished woodworking project, however knots will compromise the integrity from the wood. With respect to the lengths from the cuts you desire to make, a knot tend to make large sections unusable. Why purchase parts you can’t use?

Cracks / Splits – Just like knots, cracks and splits weaken the wood and produce large sections unusable. Avoid them.

Warping – Look through board edge. If this curves instead of following an aligned line, you‘ve warping. It may be an all-natural quality of the specific section of wood, as well as curve may happen to be caused by shipping or storage. Avoid curved boards, particularly if assembling your shed requires longer pieces.

Twisting – Twisting is each time a given edge may follow an aligned line, but the head from the wood doesn‘t adhere to a flat plane.

I have seen six foot boards twisted over 45 degrees, at local lumber yards. Basically, standing the board on its end, what‘s the front in the bottom, becomes a side, at the highest. Set these boards aside and will keep looking.

Moisture – This one can be a little tougher to judge, however you don‘t need to grab a piece that‘s too wet or too dry. The section of wood can change because it dries, or because it absorbs moisture coming from the air. You are able to bring it home and also have it form a curve while it sits inside the shed, awaiting use.

There are a lot of more considerations when selecting wood for craft projects – for example appearance, scent, and strength – but eliminating defects is of primary importance.

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