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Oct 15th
Allen Roth Vanity Review

Allen Roth Vanities – The frenzy around Pope Francis visiting the United States is not denied. 10, 000 tickets sold out within 30 seconds for their Philadelphia event. Catholics and non-Catholics are clamoring to listen to him and have his presence.

I watch him, see his photos upon the cover of The Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair, People and in each and every newspaper I noticed that he‘s always smiling and seems genuinely happy.

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As I watch him I‘ve learned :

1 ) Have Adore – within, with others, along with your work, and with the people of the globe.

2 ) Be Humbly Authentic – know who you are as a new you and please don‘t try to become another person.

3 ) Be Honest – speak your truth, gently, kindly, compassionately, and lovingly.

4 ) Listen Compassionately – to people in the least levels, in a situation. Look into the person, and genuinely listen and become kind. Attempt to understand before being understood (thanks St. Francis ).

5 ) Judge Not – if you‘ve got never walked inside a person’s shoes do not judge their heart or lifestyle.

6 ) Be Forgiving – of yourself, and of others.

7 ) Look out for Good – be confirming and acknowledging from the good you have accomplished and from the accomplishments of others (including your loved ones ) and let them know how proud you‘re the strategies, and of yourself.

8 ) Be Happy – your attitude determines mind set. Choose an attitude of happiness.

9 ) Be of Service – help out others, that is why we’re here.

10 ) Have Faith – we’re not alone – things will work out.

As I watched Pope Francis upon the ABC special with John Muir I‘d been moved by his reaction to every individual that spoke to him of the difficult live and circumstances.

Perhaps you noticed it too, in each and every case he made genuine eye contact, it was even visible during the Skype-like connection. He smiled at them warmly, he listened intently, letting them tell their sad stories. Then, he acknowledged them, thanked them for their stories and commended them on their heart lessons and gave them positive encouragement. He never scolded, condemned, attempted to fix them as well as situation, or judged.

What would you wish people to find out simply by watching you? I am going to attempt to be more conscious.

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